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Electrochemistry involves chemical phenomena associated with charge separation and charge transfer, with applications ranging from fundamental studies and research to industrial, environmental and clinical applications.
The aim of the International Society of Electrochemistry is to serve the worldwide electrochemical community and that of related disciplines through the advancement of electrochemical science and technology, the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, and promotion of international cooperation.

67th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry in The Hague, The Netherlands
Book of Abstracts
The death of Professor Alexey Danilov
It is with great sadness that we have to report that Alexey Danilov, a former Regional Representative of Russia, passed away on 7 July 2016.
ISE Prize Winners 2016
Electrochimica Acta Gold Medal
Hector Abruña CV
ISE-Elsevier Prize for Experimental Electrochemistry
Nongjian Tao CV
Bioelectrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 2
Jacek Lipkowski CV
Brian Conway Prize for Physical Electrochemistry
Marc Koper CV
Jaroslav Heyrovsky Prize for Molecular Electrochemistry
Ismael Diez-Perez CV
Tajima Prize
Mikhail L. Zheludkevich CV
ISE Prize for Electrochemical Materials Science
Claire Villevieille CV
ISE-Elsevier Prize for
Green Electrochemistry

Javier Llanos CV
ISE-Elsevier Prize for
Applied Electrochemistry

Shaojun Guo CV
Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 1
Kosuke Ino CV
Oronzio and Niccolò De Nora Foundation Young Author Prize
Lin Lu-Yin CV
18th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry in Gwangju, Korea
Program & Book of Abstracts
Photos Lectures
Poster Session and other
Poster Prizes
Best Poster Prize Winners
Hansaem Jang
(School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
Balwinder Kaur
(Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Ropar, India)
Seonggyu Lee
(Chemical Engineering, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea)
Silver Sepp
(Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia)
Kuang-Hsu Wu
(Catalysis Division, Shenyang National Laboratory, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Shenyang, China)
Report on ISE activities in 2015

Newsletter by the ISE President Prof. Christian Amatore
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PowerPoint presentation
of the ISE
All members can download a PowerPoint presentation of the Society.
Divisional Elections
The vote for the election of the Division Chairs Elect (term 2017-2018) will take place from October 4 to October 18, 2016, with the following candidates.

Division 1
Conor Hogan, Australia CV
I. Ming Hsing, China CV
Ritu Kataky, UK CV
Alain Walcarius, France CV

Division 2
Damien Arrigan, Australia CV
Elena Ferapontova, Denmark CV

Division 3
Kiyoshi Kanamura, Japan CV
Francesca Soavi, Italy CV

Division 4
Nick Birbilis, Australia CV
Massimo Innocenti, Italy CV
Monica Santamaria, Italy CV

Division 5
Symeon Bebelis, Greece CV
Gerardine Botte, USA CV
Carlos Martinez Huitle, Brazil CV

Division 6
Carlos Frontana Vazquez, Mexico CV
Magdalena Hromadova, Czech Republic CV
Patrizia Mussini, Italy CV

Division 7
Angel Cuesta Ciscar, UK CV
Anthony O’Mullane, Australia CV
Lin Zhuang, China CV
Electrochimica Acta:
TOP 25 Hottest Articles

Impact Factor of
Electrochimica Acta

The official (ISI) Impact Factor of Electrochimica Acta for 2015 has been published: 4.803 (2014: 4.5049).
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19th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry in Auckland, New Zealand
Program & Book of Abstracts
Best Poster Prize Winners
Benjamin J. J. Austen
(Department of Chemistry, Nanochemistry Research Institute, Curtin University, Perth, Australia)
Xinyi Chia
(School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore)
Chun-Chen Yang
(Battery Research Center of Green Energy, Ming Chi University of Technology, New Taipei City, Taiwan)
Bicheng Zhu
(School of Chemical Sciences, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
Camilo Gonzalez-Vargas
(Quimica de los Materiales, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile)
Electrochimica Acta Travel Awards for Young Electrochemists
Dejun Chen, Washington DC, USA
Maria Cuartero, Geneva, Switzerland
Vlastimil Vyskocil, Prague, Czech Republic

ISE Travel Awards for Young Electrochemists
Lourdes Mónica Bravo Anaya, Guadalajara,Mexico
Meng Nan Chong, Bandar Sunway, Malaysia
Maria Escudero-Escribano, Lyngby, Denmark
Ken Sakaushi, Tsukuba,Japan
Jane Stockmann, Paris, France
Reza Younesi, Uppsala, Sweden
Ulmas Zhumaev, Mainz, Germany
Do you want to know more about ISE and its history?
Please read the series of articles already published in Electrochimica Acta Vol. 45 (2000) and reprinted here with the permission of Elsevier Science. You may also access the list of past Presidents, General Secretaries and Treasurers of ISE and the list of the Annual Meetings of the Society.
ISE Sponsors Student Meetings
With the aim of encouraging young scientists to become involved with the activities of the Society, ISE sponsors one-day student meetings. (Application Form)

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