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Electrochemistry involves chemical phenomena associated with charge separation and charge transfer, with applications ranging from fundamental studies and research to industrial, environmental and clinical applications.
The aim of the International Society of Electrochemistry is to serve the worldwide electrochemical community and that of related disciplines through the advancement of electrochemical science and technology, the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, and promotion of international cooperation.

Executive Committee Elections
The election of an ISE Vice President, for the term of office 2016-2018, will take place from June 10th 2015 to July 1st 2015, with the following candidates:

Alison Downard CV
Tomokazu Matsue CV
Report on ISE activities in 2014

Newsletter by the ISE President Prof. Hasuck Kim
Read the newsletter

Do you want to know more about ISE and its history?
Please read the series of articles already published in Electrochimica Acta Vol. 45 (2000) and reprinted here with the permission of Elsevier Science. You may also access the list of past Presidents, General Secretaries and Treasurers of ISE and the list of the Annual Meetings of the Society.
PowerPoint presentation
of the ISE
All members can download a PowerPoint presentation of the Society.
ISE Sponsors Student Meetings
With the aim of encouraging young scientists to become involved with the activities of the Society, ISE sponsors one-day student meetings. (Application Form)

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2014 Financial Statement and 2016 Budget vote

The vote for the 2014 Financial Statement and 2016 Budget will take place from 19 May to 11 June 2015.
Financial statement
Electrochimica Acta Travel Award and ISE Travel Award winners
Electrochimica Acta Travel Awards:
- Klaus Mathwig (Netherlands)
- Wenjing Hong (Switzerland)

ISE Travel Awards:
- Jian-Feng Li (China)
- Xiaopeng Li (China)
- Justus Masa (Germany)
- Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez (USA)
- Javier Llanos (Spain)
- Marta Figueiredo (Netherlands)
- Tso-Fu Mark Chang (Japan)
- Min-Hsin Yeh (USA)
16th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry in Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Electrochimica Acta:
TOP 25 Hottest Articles

Electrochimica Acta: The most cited papers of 2011
The Impact Factor of a Journal (that is usually made available every year in June) is essentially dependent on the most cited papers published in the first of the two years period over which citations are reckoned. Read more …
for a list of the most cited papers published in Electrochimica Acta

Impact Factor of
Electrochimica Acta

The official (ISI) Impact Factor of Electrochimica Acta for 2013 has been published: 4.089 (2012: 3.777).
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