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72nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry



The 72nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry will be held in Jeju, Korea from 29 August – 3 September 2021.


Registration is now open even for non presenting participants.


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the meeting will be run in a hybrid format facilitating both on-site and online participation.

30th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry


You are cordially invited to the 30th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, which will beheld in Taipei, Taiwan from 21 to 24 November 2021. The meeting will provide a platform for international scholars and experts to share experiences and exchange views on Electrochemical Deposition for Semiconductor and Green Energy.




29th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry


Poster Prize Winners


Williane da Silva Freitas
Johanna Schröder
Lorena Hernández-Pérez
Veera Koskue


Electrochimica Acta Travel Awards for Young Electrochemists 2021

Tran Ngoc-Anh
, Grenoble France
Browne Michelle
, Dublin Ireland
David Melinda
, Brasov Romania

ISE Travel Awards for Young Electrochemists 2021

Wuttig Anna, Berkeley USA
Rizo Ruben, Alicante Spain
Morales Dulce, Berlin Germany
Zhao Fangyuan, Bochum Germany
Mohajernia Shiva, Erlangen Germany
Brites Helú Mariela, Viller-lis Nancy France
Cortijos Aragones Albert, Mainz Germany


Election of ISE Executive Committee Member

The election of a Vice President (term 2022-2024) will take place from June 15 to June 29 2021, with the following candidates.


Elena Ferapontova

Candidate Statement

Elena Ferapontova CV


Alexander Kuhn

Candidate Statement

Alexander Kuhn CV


ISE Fellows 2021


Akira Yoshino

Asahi Kasei Corporation


Stanley Whittingham

Binghamton University


John B. Goodenough

The University of Texas


Hubert Gasteiger

Technical University of Munich


Bin Ren

Xiamen University


Piotr Zelenay

Los Alamos National Laboratory


Bing-Wei Mao

Xiamen University


Evgeny Katz

Clarkson University


President letter

Link to full President Letter


Election of ISE Executive Committee Members

The election of the ISE President, ISE Secretary General and of two Vice Presidents took place from 8 June to 15 June 2020, with the following results:

President Elect (2021-2026)


Katharina Krischer

Secretary General (2021-2023)


Tim Albrecht


Vice President (2021-2023)


Andrea Russell

Takayuki Homma

Report on ISE activities in 2019

-Newsletter by the ISE President

Prof. Zhong-Qun Tian

Read the newsletter

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019

The International Society of Electrochemistry congratulates John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino for the award of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and for the recognition of their invention of the lithium-ion batteries.

ISE Award Winners 2020

Electrochimica Acta Gold Medal

Christian Amatore


Tajima Prize
Carlo Santoro

ISE-Elsevier Prize for Experimental Electrochemistry
Hector Abruna

ISE Prize for Electrochemical Materials Science

Jilei Liu

Oronzio and Niccolò De Nora Foundation Young Author Prize of ISE
Beatriz Mingo

ISE-Elsevier Prize for Green Electrochemistry

Elisama Vieira dos Santos

ISE Elsevier Prize for Applied Electrochemistry
Sergio Garcia-Segura

Bioelectrochemistry Prize Division 2

Shelley Minteer

Brian Conway Prize
Peter Strasser

Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 1
Cameron L. Bentley

Jaroslav Heyrovsky Prize for Molecular Electrochemistry
Justin Gooding


Zhaowu Tian Prize for Energy Electrochemistry
Qiang Zhang

ISE PowerPoint presentation


All members can download a PowerPoint presentation of the Society.

The ISE signs the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment


The Executive Committee of the ISE agrees with the principles of the Leiden Manifesto. Therefore, the ISE will sign the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment. The Executive Committee urges the relevant committees to act in agreement with the principles of the Leiden Manifesto and not overrate metrics when they award prizes and fellowships.





Divisional Elections


The vote for the election of the Division Chairs Elect (term 2021-2022) took place from October 2 to October 16, 2020, with the following results:

Division 1  
Guy Denuault, UK

Division 2  
Ilaria Palchetti, Italia 

Division 3  
Thierry Brousse, France

Division 4  
Hiroki Habazaki, Japan

Division 5  
Carlos Alberto Martinez-Huitle, Brazil

Division 6  
Jose Zagal, Chile

Division 7  
Katrin Domke, Germany


71st Annual ISE Meeting Belgrade Online

Poster Prize Winners

Tanguy Picard
Andreas Hellmann
Carolina Vega
Juliana De Almeida
Stefan Raaijman
Ramon Lorenzo Gomez
Jianmei Wang
Sara Rebeccani
Pedro Pablo Machado Pico
Georg-Maximilian Bosch
Emmanuel Pameté Yambou
Gustavo Hobold
Mayokun Olutogun
Ngoc Anh Tran
Andreas Siebert
Haoran Pan
Fengmin Du
Konrad Ehelebe
Aleksandar Petricevic
Paul Chassagne
Mohamed M. Elnagar
Jong-Hyeok Park
Huanhuan Tian
Andrew Wang
Jie Luo
Tomoki Iwawa
Kelly Brown
Gábor Szabó
Federico Carlos López
Yiming Liang
Max Baumung,
Oliver Rodriguez
Christian Rurainsky,
Mariana Monteiro
Alicja Szczepanska
Mario Loeffler
Tyra Lewis
Isabelle Kroner
Zhiwei Tie

25th Topical ISE Meeting in
Toledo, Spain

Program - Book of Abstracts - Photos

24th Topical ISE Meeting in
Merida, Mexico

Program - Photos