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August 2019


Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity in Brazil (Sao Paulo)


The Institute of Chemistry of São Carlos (IQSC) of University of São Paulo (USP) is offering a postdoctoral fellowship linked to the Project "Study and application of electrochemical technology for the analysis and degradation of endocrine interferents: materials, sensors, processes and scientific dissemination" coordinated by Prof. Dr. Marcos Lanza (Grant 2017/10118-0).

The project aims at the production of new materials with electrocatalytic activity and their application in electrochemical analysis sensors and in advanced effluent treatment processes. In addition to the publication of the scientific knowledge through scientific articles, the dissemination of results will also occur through scientific popularization. Through the production of didactical material to improve the teaching of physicochemistry in Basic Education and the realization of interactive expositions open to students and the general population, it is hoped to arouse interest in science, especially among school-age youth.

The candidate will work on the development and application of new carbon matrix (electrocatalytic) materials for the electrogeneration of H2O2 in situ, from the oxygen reduction reaction, to be applied to cells and reactors electrochemical processes aimed at the degradation of organic compounds with endocrine interference activity.

The desirable requirements for the candidate are: (1) knowledge of morphological-structural analysis techniques and electrochemical techniques for the analysis of electrocatalysts; (2) knowledge of advanced oxidative electrochemical processes (PEOA) of degradation of organic compounds, as well as the notion of instrumental techniques of chemical analysis.

The candidate must have immediate availability to reside in São Carlos / SP / Brazil and have completed his doctorate for less than 7 years.

If selected, the candidate will have a FAPESP postdoctoral fellowship ( in the monthly amount of R $ 7,373.10 (approximately US$ 1,800.00/month) for up to 24 months, with the possibility of financial assistance for the displacement and installation. It is noteworthy that there is no income tax levied on the scholarship amount and it corresponds to the amount with legal discounts of a newly hired lecturer of public university from the State of Sao Paulo. As a reference, the minimum salary in Brazil is US$ 250.00.

São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP – is an independent public foundation with the mission to foster research and the scientific and technological development of the State of São Paulo (Brazil).


More information on FAPESP postdoctoral fellowships:

The inscriptions should be made through the email to the supervisor Prof. Dr. Marcos Lanza until September 10, 2019. The following documents must be attached to the e-mail:

1) Curriculum Vitae containing the academic training and publications (maximum of 4 pages). Experience in the areas of Materials Chemistry (and related areas) and Electrochemistry must be proven through publications in international scientific journals.
2) Letter of the candidate justifying the interest on the vacancy (maximum of 200 words).
3) Two (2) letters of recommendation.
4) Work plan with its own title describing one (1) research proposal involving the following topic: Production and characterization of new electrocatalyst materials supported in carbon for the electrogeneration of H2O2, from the oxygen reduction reaction, aiming the application in Electrochemical Advanced Oxidative Processes (EAOP) of degradation of organic compounds with endocrine interference activity.
The proposal should include a brief introduction and a description of the strategies for obtaining results, bibliographical references and international journals of interest for submission (maximum of 10 pages).


June 2019


Senior Research Scientist


We are looking for a Senior Research Scientist specializing in Electrochemical Sensor research and development to lead our sensor R&D team, to research, build, prototype and develop (from prototyping to commercialization) sensors for analysis of biologically derived VOCs


We are developing a commercial VOC breath meter for a very large potential market in consumer and clinical testing. We have a functioning prototype, based on a proven electrochemical sensor, sampling mechanism and signal processing algorithms. We believe that there is room for improvement in the existing catalytic system and in the signal processing algorithm. We also believe that other catalytic systems may offer advantages over the currently employed system. We need someone with an advanced Analytical Chemistry Degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) with a strong technical background in electrochemistry, analytical methods, modification of polymers, and sensor/electrode fabrication. If you are a scientist with the knowledge and experience to help us take this technology to the next level, we’d love to talk to you.

Must haves
Expertise in:
- Electroanalytical Chemistry
- Amperometric and voltammetry techniques for sensor diagnostic applications
- Building and validating electrochemical sensors as long-term and reliable sensor solutions for integration into various medical devices
- Development, application, and realization of electrochemical measurements for biologically derived molecules
- Fabrication of electrochemical sensors for prototyping and commercial application
- Analytical chemistry and electrochemistry tools and techniques
- DOEs and signal processing

- Excellent quantitative skills and working knowledge of simple and complex statistics
- Flexibility to work in a rapidly developing environment
- Excellent oral and written communication skills

Nice to Haves
- Experience with polymer synthesis
- Knowledge of polymer constructs, and electrochemical systems
- Experience with microscopy techniques: SEM and TEM
- Experience with spectroscopy techniques: FTIR, UV-Vis etc.
- Experience in analysis of VOC via GC-MS or equivalent.
- Experience working with diagnostic device development from early stage R&D through transfer to manufacturing, clinical trial, device regulatory approval, and commercial launch

What you’ll be doing
- Develop sensors from pre-development through product release
- Catalyst synthesis, electrode fabrication, electrochemical measurements, results analyses and documentation.
- Collaborate with engineers to integrate electrochemical sensors into devices
- Work with the hardware team to prototype in-house built sensor prototypes.
- Provide technical expertise to develop and execute hypothesis-driven experiments in an effort to convert bench-based scientific discoveries into commercial and reliable analytical products.
- Identify, troubleshoot, and provide solutions to issues in the development, evaluation, optimization, and validation of sensors.
- Design key experiments, develop pass and fail criteria, selection of appropriate form factors, assess reliability, selectivity, and sensitivity.
- Transfer sensor designs from R&D to Manufacturing

We are a funded startup in the SF Bay Area offering a competitive salary + benefits with equity participation. An SF Bay Area location is preferable but not necessary.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to